How we see people isn’t how they see themselves. What we think is their problem may not be what they think it is. Deciphering how your prospects are talking to themselves is your unfair advantage.

More than five billion people have access to the Internet. It’s noisy! It’s hard to get noticed. Brewdog, the brand we love to hate, is a great example of what messaging in 2022 should look like if you want to overcome this.

Most people’s description of their ideal customer is guess work. But without an accurate description of your ideal customer your campaigns will never be as successful as they could be. So how do we produce a detailed, ridiculously accurate buyer persona?

Every purchase has a moment, when something happens, and the buyer is triggered to take action. Understanding how and when this moment happens is like having Krytptonian cells. Let’s dive in and see.

We all see the world differently. Sometimes in very surprising ways. But if you can work our how your prospects see it, that’s gold dust. This video describes how a big brand did this with huge success.

People hate being criticised. But sometimes you can use other peoples’ criticism of you to your advantage. Read how The Guardian pulled this tactic off triumphantly when they were attacked by a senior politician.

The first thing people do when they decide they need to buy something is to ask their friends for a recommendation. How do you ensure that you’re the first name they think of?

Competing for demand in an existing market against an established leader is fruitless. If you can’t win your category, you have start your own category that you can win. Here is a great first-hand case study of how it’s done

If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing. But before you can tell your audience what you stand for, you have to know the rules you live and die by. We call these The Pool Rules

You find yourself face to face with the CEO of your perfect customer. You’ve got one minute. If you want him remember what you say, don’t do what everyone else does, do this.

The problem most businesses have is they use their messaging to try to convert everyone. They regard everyone as a prospective customer. Here’s why that is a huge mistake.