there are no customers in no man's land.

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.

You’ve got a genius product. But no-one knows. 

Why don’t they know? 

Because you can’t work out how to talk about it in a way that demands attention.

You do what feels comfortable. You talk about how clever your product is, and you wave that message in front of anyone who’s willing to listen. Look at you doing marketing!

But you get no response, and you can’t figure out why. So you’re stuck in No Man’s Land.

There are no customers in No Man’s Land. Just phones that never ring, and thousands of anxious founders watching their Monzo account drain like a leaky bucket, and their dream unravel.

If that’s you, hand us the messaging. 

In 4 weeks we’ll take you and your brand from “Who are you?” to “OK, now you have my attention”

dream mode: on

here's how the magic works

You’re busy. You don’t want a 19-week brand discovery process. You just want messaging so hot you’ll need oven gloves, and you want it last week, so your phones are ringing this week. How do we do that?

We’re nosey bastards. We’ll ask a lot of questions. We’ll shine our light in a lot of corners. But what we won’t do is dilly dally.

And when we’re done, we’ll whip up a recipe that takes your messaging from “Who are you?” to “Please can we talk?”

Irresistible messaging that leads your perfect customer to you like the Pied Piper.

Then we'll weave your new messaging into anything you own that has words on it. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and fast-forward your business to the fun part.

Here's some of things you'll find in your goody bag:

  • Messaging guidelines
  • Buyer personas
  • Tone of Voice Guide
  • Web copy
  • Campaign copy
  • Words for your back tattoo

Want in on the magic? 

Who tf are bold af?


Scorpio. Non-smoker.

SEEKS: Scale up founders with the plums to plant their feet and state their case.

FUN FACT: Enemy of the status quo. Washed up triathlete.


Leo. Geordie.

LIVES: That roundabout where messaging meets branding? She owns it.

FUN FACT: Low tolerance for waffle. Day time drinker.


People who've worked with us and lived to see the scale

The results were fantastic
When we launched a new product, we were looking for a very specific messaging vibe. Peter & Jo got it straight away. We loved the process they took us through and the results they produced were fantastic. We’re already planning Phase 2 with them.

Sam Morton,
Chief Commercial Officer, Redu Group

You helped us capture the attention of investors
You guys really helped us understand ourselves and our customers like never before. Most importantly, you helped construct the all important opening paragraph of our investment presentation. It captured the attention of investors and lead to a £4.5m seed round.

Tom Beckenham,
Founder & CEO, Comma

You’ve done a great job
We knew something was missing from our messaging, but we didn’t know what. You’ve done a great job of making us sound bold, but playful. We love it! It’s perfect for our target audience. Thanks guys.

Sulim Malook,
CEO,  Wilmington Holdings Ltd

A game changer
The messaging workshop we did with Peter & Jo was so impactful, that we put the whole company through it. Giving everyone the confidence to talk clearly about what’s really important to us and who we serve, has been a game changer

oz alashe
CEO & Founder, Cybsafe  

Most productive work we've done
It’s been a pleasure working with you - I think that working through this has been some of, if not the most productive work that we’ve done on Mollis to date. My only regret is that we had not done this sooner!

Luke Watson,
Managing Director, Mollis Group

The result was exceptional.
What I ended up with from Peter was exceptional. He has a fantastic way with messaging. I use what we produced as the core for all my content now.

Mark Fritz,
Founder and Managing Director, Procedor

The transformation was instant
Peter took me from uncertainty, to being crystal clear about how to speak to our target customer in a way that makes them listen. The transformation was almost instant. We started getting enquiries.

Phoebe Cherry,
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Strive Events

The process was transformational.
It really helped us focus on how to simplify and clarify our proposition. The results, more conversations with great prospects, were almost immediate.

Paul Dufays,
Managing Director, Brigg Macadam

OMG! I’ve seen enough

I've read everything

  • This is exactly what I need.
  • Beautifully crafted messaging.
  • That makes people stop and stare.
  • I want you to do it all:
  • Targeting, positioning, tone, messaging, copy…
  • That makes the phones ring.
  • And fills my calendar with prospects who love me.
  • I’ve got a budget.

If all of that's true, then go right ahead