Peter Whent

April 13, 2023

The two faces

Simon Cowell is a two faced bastard.

His first face – let’s call it his noughties face – was the one everyone thought looked quite nice.

His second face, launched in 2022, is the face that Simon Cowell thinks looks quite nice.

It’s the one that looks like it been produced by Midjourney if the prompts had been written as a Year 4 English project.

The difference between the two is about 15 years and a hundred grand of cosmetic surgery.

Stay with me here.

We all have two "ideal" weights.

The first weight is the one everyone else thinks we look good at.

The second one is the weight we think we look good at.

The second one is usually about 15 pounds less than the first.

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

The conversation

Here’s the thing.

We look at Simon Cowell and think, "OMG, what have you done?"

When he looks in the mirror, he’s having a different conversation.

He’s looking at himself, admiring his youthful appearance and saying : “You're looking good Simon”.

Like the guy who loses 15 pounds too much to get to "his weight".

Like kids who smoke.

Adults look at them and think, "You look ridiculous". But when they spark up a Marlboro those kids think they turn into someone different. Someone fucking cool.

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