Peter Whent

October 14, 2022

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The Confusing AF Guys

When the guys over at Amazon need to hire a big cheese, like a new CFO to help them avoid more tax, or great web designers. Someone to whip up their latest rule-the-world web site. They’re not Googling: “Great web designers”, or “Best recruiters.”

They do it differently. They ask around. They ask their team:

“Who’s the best web design agency we know?”

“Speak to your friends.”

Do you know who wins that business?

It's the company that automatically makes its way to the front of someone's mind when they here the words "web design". The company they have filed in their head as “The Web Design Guys.” (or girls)

That’s who you need to be. "The ________ Guys" in your industry.

The problem most people have is they’re trying to slay too many dragons. They're trying to be “The Everything Guys.”

The problem most people have is they’re trying to slay too many dragons. They're trying to be “The Everything Guys.”

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"We do web development."

“And design.”

"And hosting."

"And lead gen on Thursdays."

“But not Fridays.”

And they quickly become the: “What Do They Do Guys?"

“The Confusing AF Guys."

Time waits for no man

If you want a beautiful big oak tree in your garden that you can sit under, and drink Whispering Angel on a hot summers day, here’s what you do:

Plant it 40 years ago.

In the event this proves challenging, the next best option is to plant it now, and keep watering it and be patient.

The same is roughly true of becoming "The ________ Guys" in your industry. It’s not going to happen immediately, but it won’t happen at all if you don’t start working hard at it now. Your formula is simple.

Take one product that solves a specific problem, for one audience.

Turn that into a killer set of messaging or find someone who can do it for you. I don’t know, maybe try
BoldAF (sometimes I surprise myself!).

Then double down.

Talk about it.

Write about it.

Post about.

Pod about it.

Only talk about that one thing.

Being "The ________ Guys" is how you go from, “Who are you?” to, “You come highly recommended from Jim over at Apple. When are you guys next available to jump on a Zoom call?”

But you knew that right?

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