Peter Whent

November 4, 2022

Matt....it might be you.

We cross live to the offices of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

“Rishi blanked me, and my career has stalled. I need to do something.”

“Maybe go on national TV and eat cockroaches and camel genitalia?”

“Nailed it.”

That was the conversation immediately before he decided to take his decisive, career rescuing action (clear my diary in November and double the popcorn order).

Here's a thing. He didn’t make his decision to act when his aide made the suggestion. He made it when Rishi blanked him.

That was the trigger moment.

It’s like when your car breaks down for the third time in a month.

First time, bad luck.

Second time, you’re impatient.

Third time. Enough’s enough. Trigger moment.

I’m getting a new car.

There is a moment in every transaction where people are triggered to take action. In B2B it’s usually an “enough is enough” moment.

You look at the company bank account.

It’s way further into the overdraft than you expected, again. You’d lost track of all the payments being made to suppliers.

Enough is enough. Trigger moment.

I need to get a book keeper.

Trigger warning: insight.

The trigger moment is the point when your prospect’s pain is at its most acute. Which means it’s exactly the place at which you need to meet them with your messaging.

So you need to know what your prospect’s trigger moment is.

The simplest way to find out is to ask some of your current customers:

“What was going on in your business, or your life, in the moments before you decided to buy our product.”

When a prospect sets off for the showroom, they’ve already decided to buy a car.

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The reason it’s important is because once they’ve reached the trigger moment, they’re in buying mode. They’re in a hurry.

They’re not in the mood to get to know new people. They’re not going off radar. They’re looking for the people they already have filed under “know, like and trust.”

When a prospect sets off for the showroom, they’ve already decided to buy a car.

Showing them in your messaging that you understand their trigger moment is how you ensure that it’s your showroom they’re heading for.

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