There are some brand tag lines that seem to have been around forever. Newsflash: They have! Why do they do this and why does it work?

If you spend your life worrying about what your competition are doing, you’ll never separate yourself from them. What should you do instead if you want to stand alone?

At the core of every great brand is a Big Idea. It’s sits at the heart of a big audacious vision for the brand. It’s what gives it direction and its what makes it’s audience swoon. Let’s take a look

The first thing people do when they decide they need to buy something is to ask their friends for a recommendation. How do you ensure that you’re the first name they think of?

Competing for demand in an existing market against an established leader is fruitless. If you can’t win your category, you have start your own category that you can win. Here is a great first-hand case study of how it’s done

How did a start up brand succeed where one of the world’s most recognisable brands failed? The answer’s simple. They understood the laws of categories.