Everyone kicks starts their creative process differently. Here is a simple tip for finding inspiration when you’ve reached the bottom of the well.

Sometimes all the component parts of a story have been told, but no-one listens. But when you gather them together and tell the whole story, things change.

Sometimes people describe a problem, but still leave the audience as cold as ice. It’s because they describe the problem in the wrong way. So what’s the right way?

When I read most company’s websites, I have to assume that they are hoping for a miracle to happen. What is the miracle, why is it unlikely to happen and what do you do about it? Read on.

In a restaurant where what what you order may not be what appears ten minutes later, there lies a great marketing lesson. Sometimes it’s not enough to appeal to your target audience

Most people, when they write a headline, do what’s comfortable. They talk about the product. But it’s the emotional headline that grabs attention. Here’s a simple way to write a headline that people can’t ignore.

We all see the world differently. Sometimes in very surprising ways. But if you can work our how your prospects see it, that’s gold dust. This video describes how a big brand did this with huge success.

You find yourself face to face with the CEO of your perfect customer. You’ve got one minute. If you want him remember what you say, don’t do what everyone else does, do this.

People see thousands of ads, blogs and posts telling them about “stuff”. Things like products, features, and ROI. They don’t work. In this article I’ll show you why and tell you what you should say instead to grab attention.

Hands up if you are sick of job specs haranguing you, poking you in the chest and making demands of you. Here’s how to write a story-based job spec that candidates might actually respond to.