who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Ridiculously accurate buyer personas that are scarily effective!

Andy the overworked Accountant is 39…

He lives in Chelmsford and works in London. He earns seventy grand a year and has a wife, two kids and a cat.

That may be an excellent way to start a Hinge profile.

Or the perfect opening to an article in “Accountancy Age”.

But what it most definitely is not, is a buyer persona.

Why not?

First and foremost, he’s not real. Andy has been cobbled together like a photofit, in a workshop run by some arty-farty branding guru clutching a cold cup. Andy is a figment of someone’s fertile imagination.

As a result, it doesn’t answer any of the important questions like…

  • What does Andy’s day look like?
  • How does he like to work and what is his biggest problem?
  • What motivates him and what pisses him off?
  • How does he go about finding a solution, and can we help him?

Stuff that will tell us exactly where the hell we find Andy, and precisely how and when we should talk to him if we want the result of our conversation to be him reaching for his cheque book.

You don’t get that information by naval gazing and guessing in a discovery process.

Those answers come from rolling your sleeves up and engaging with actual people. Doing things like…

  • Interviewing real customers.
  • Social media listening and profiling.
  • Examining customer data.

Or getting us to do it for you.

And when that’s all done, no-one wants an over-designed 30-slide Keynote, or a PDF novel. You want something easy on the eye that describes your buyer persona at a glance. You want a great looking dashboard like this…

Once you have a detailed picture of your perfect buyer, lots of things suddenly get easier:

  • Create the perfect web copy to attract more Andys .
  • Focus your campaigns on the right people, not all the people
  • Persuade the Andys of this world to reach for their cheque book more predictably.

Is your heart beating a little faster?

Is the idea of meeting your perfect buyer and having more reliable conversations that end in hard cash, making you more than a little excited?

Then hit the black button to arrange a time to have a relaxed no obligation chat with us.