If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing. But before you can tell your audience what you stand for, you have to know yourself. You have to know your Pool Rules

Most messaging and content on the Internet leaves us cold. It doesn’t challenge us in any way. So what do we have to do differently to everyone else to get peoples’ attention?

You find yourself face to face with the CEO of your perfect customer. You’ve got one minute. If you want him remember what you say, don’t do what everyone else does, do this.

How did a start up brand succeed where one of the world’s most recognisable brands failed? The answer’s simple. They understood the laws of categories.

People are attracted to brands by something way beyond the product. If you can unite a tribe around beliefs, it’s like having a Marvel Comics super power. One for the Gaga fans!

Most content on social media is inoffensive and ineffective. The best content expresses an opinion that others may find offensive. That is not only a good thing, it’s how the little guy wins. Here’s why.

The problem most businesses have is they use their messaging to try to convert everyone. They regard everyone as a prospective customer. Here’s why that is a huge mistake.

People see thousands of ads, blogs and posts telling them about “stuff”. Things like products, features, and ROI. They don’t work. In this article I’ll show you why and tell you what you should say instead to grab attention.

We buy what we want and not what we need. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the two apart. In this article we take a look at the ways in which problems and pain appear, and how they effect our decisions.

If your proposition isn’t bold enough to trigger a large number of those that read it, then nor will it be bold enough to delight the small group that you consider to be your target audience.

Different people value different things in different ways. Value has little to do with your product. It is more personal than that. Let’s explore where value comes from.

A look at how a brand catapulted itself to number one position in the world by looking past conventional problems and taking the time to understand what their audience was saying to themselves. Gold dust!

We’re taking a lesson today from mans best friend. The dog. To be exact we’re looking at the way dogs behave when they meet. It has some eerie similarities to the way humans behave when they meet online.

Our purchasing behaviour is surprisingly complicated. Why do we buy from one person, but not from another? Three words make the difference. Know, like and trust. Let’s take a look.

There are tens of thousands of business coaches in the UK. Most of them can’t find enough work, while a few are fully booked. The coaches who rise to the top aren’t the best coaches. So what are they, and what can we all learn from them?

Hands up if you are sick of job specs haranguing you, poking you in the chest and making demands of you. Here’s how to write a story-based job spec that candidates might actually respond to.

The coaching colonyLet’s start with an alarming statistic. Who doesn’t like an alarming statistic?There are 82,559 Life Coaches listed on LinkedIn in the UK. That’s a lot.I have a picture in my head of throwing a scrap of bread into a river and watching dozens of fish appear from nowhere to fight over it.Who’s the

Weeks when decades happenWhich of us doesn’t turn to a Bolshevik dictator when we’re in need of good quote about a twenty first century pandemic?My mass murderer of choice is Vladimir Lenin who said:“The are some decades when nothing happens, and there are some weeks when decades happen”So much has happened in the last eight

A trip through web historyToday’s lesson is from the book of Web, starting at Web 1.0If I had a De Lorean with one point twenty-one Gigawatts of power, I’d take us back to about mid-1996. We’re going to a meeting room on a business park in York.There we’ll find a younger me and about four

The meetingJennifer crossed the restaurant tentatively, her heart pounding. It had been a long time.She saw him wave. She assumed this was Terry, her blind date.Terry was on his feet in a flash striding towards her with outstretched hand:“Hi Jennifer? I’m Terry. Lovely to meet you”He leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. Jennifer